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Are you experiencing 

But you want to… 

Have you heard of The Stress-Curve?

aka the relationship between stress levels and performance

The stress curve illustrates how stress, when managed optimally, can enhance performance, but excessive stress can lead to fatigue and eventual burnout. 

The curve consists of distinct zones, ranging from optimal performance in the green area, through warning signs in the yellow area, to fatigue and exhaustion in the red zone. 

Let's take a moment now, and I'd like to offer you to have a look at the picture below. Where are you on the graph?

Okay, now you know where you are, but how is this relevant to my coaching?

Coaching plays a pivotal role by assisting individuals in navigating the curve effectively: 

This proactive approach ensures sustained performance and well-being without succumbing to the detrimental effects of excessive stress.

What do we cover in our sessions?

Early recognition of burnout and related risks

Identifying the symptoms - which are individual and risks what will happen if the behaviour continues that way

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

Understanding personal needs and expectations through self-reflection and self-awareness.

This also includes theme as self-exploration to identify any blockers that are inhibiting your self-confidence

Reality Action

Defining small steps, direction, skills and passion

Timeouts to Recharge

Exploring enjoyable activities, including hobbies, as essential components for recharging and ME time

Support System

Identifying and developing professional and personal resources, people, and effective strategies.

Developing time management techniques, being able to manage stressors and deal with challenges as they arise

9-5 vs 5-9

Working on the use of personal time outside the 9am-5pm work frame, known as the 5-9 time, for enhanced personal growth and fulfillment.

This results in feeling relaxed after the weekend with greater energy to face the challenges of a new week

My coaching sessions benefit clients 

Energy To Live Your Life

as I like to say, have energy before during and after work. 

No more tired Mondays, quick weekends and not being able to do anything after long day at work

Increased Job Satisfaction

No more work to live nor live to work. 

This is also connected to knowing the direction of what is next.

Improved Stress-Management

Create resources for ourselves for challenging situations at home and at work.  

Developed Boundaries

Understanding our limits

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