About Me

Hello. I am Barbora. Friends call me Babu.

A Life Coach. 

I come from Mountains.

I live abroad since I was 15 years old. 

My ideal recharge place: Forest and Mountain 

My Journey: From Dreams to Coaching

The feeling of achievement

When I was 15, my dream was to go to high school in Germany. I spoke very basic German, but I did everything I could to pass an exam to get into the school. And I did it - I remember it as if it were yesterday and how happy I was. This is one of the reasons (first puzzle part) I decided to study coaching, aiming to bring the feeling of achievement to my clients.

From burnout symptoms to balanced life

While I was living my dream, I found myself in a situation of fatigue very soon - as I did not understand during classes, I had a lot to do after school. I thought I could go on non-stop, but I couldn't sustain it for long, and I found myself sick after a few weeks. I so wish I had a life coach back then.

I realized I needed to resource myself in my personal time as well- which I didn't do before. I started running, and luckily, our chemistry teacher led HIIT in our gym twice a week. Sometimes I didn't have time for it, or we weren't allowed to go anywhere (I lived in a boarding school), so I found an alternative quick exercise - running stairs for 15 minutes, for example. Exercise wasn't the only thing I started doing. I created a better-sleeping routine and started gratitude journaling, aspirations, and more balanced nutrition. When I look back at it, I think, these small pieces helped to keep going. 

This is second reason (or second puzzle part) that supported my decision to study coaching - so I can support others on their life paths and help them avoid the burnout phase I went through.

My Life In Ireland

I am currently based in Cork, Ireland. 

I came to Ireland just before Covid started, so my first months of experiencing a new country were from a super small room while working remotely and not being able to go further than 5km. Studies show that it takes around 6 months to adapt to a new country. I know myself. Studying and working abroad have their highs and lows (and here we have a third puzzle part) - not only just when we move in but also during the time (see the expat lifecycle below). Therefore, I have been working on the idea of helping individuals perform at a higher level in both their personal and work lives since April 2023.

It's my mission to empower you and be next to you while you succeed. 

My Professional Background

My Personal Goals in my business


Empowerment is not just a goal for our team; it's a core value that fuels passion. It's about guiding to recognize your strengths, find your voice, and support your unique journey with confidence.

Client Success

Your goals become my goals and I am excited about celebrating every success we achieve together


My overall goal is to create an open safe space. I would never judge you and always provide you the space and listen. 

My Values




More about me

Mindfulness is a big part of my life. It is my favourite type recharge and to see things from a broader perspective and to take care of myself. 

I like to do sports. Go to the gym, for a walk or just play around with a ball. 

Education is a big part of my life and I think this won't change if I should be honest. I will always find something interesting that I want to explore deeper. 

Work with YOUR Life Coach to support YOUR personal development, navigate and resolve YOUR everyday challenges and gain greater life satisfaction