Frequently asked questions

I have created for you the most frequently asked questions I get. But feel free to reach out if you have any other additional questions:


What specific strategies or techniques do you use to improve work-life balance?

The primary focus is in the area of self-management, self-awareness, which ultimately leads to prevention of burnout, which impact people in respect of underperformance and not getting a positive balance between home and work life. 

My clients are ambitious professionals seeking to enhance their work-life balance and personal development. Whether you're an expatriate navigating a new culture, an international business executive, or someone managing a global career, my coaching services are tailored to address your unique challenges. 

I am dedicated to providing direct and professional support, empowering you to achieve your goals and thrive in your international work environment. 


How can coaching help me become more efficient at work without sacrificing personal time?

The aim of our coaching sessions is to develop habits and a plan for ourselves on how to recharge - this is mostly done in your personal time. So if your goal is to be more efficient at work, we will ensure that you have enough energy and ressources you need thoughout the day - as I like to say before, during and after work


What is the process of your coaching?

In our 6-stage process of individual coaching sessions, we start by setting clear goals, then look into people’s current situation and how they would like it to look, then we would help identify the obstacles to achieving these goals, we would put plans in place to eliminate potential blockets as get people to envisage what these maybe and they are then ready for certain things that may happen and the result that we bring more transformative changes to people’s real lives. 

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Do you accommodate a flexible schedule to suit my busy lifestyle?

Absolutely! If you cannot find any time during my coaching hours, we can agree to meet before/after your work or over the weekend (preferably on Saturday). 


What are the expected outcomes or benefits of the coaching in terms of improved efficiency and work-life balance?

The result of our coaching allows clients to feel more energised, less stressed and a sense of greater control resulting in greater productivity, a new sense of purpose in both their personal  and professional lives because they start feeling differently about themselves.

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Is there ongoing support or resources provided after the coaching sessions to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

During our collaboration, you can message me 24/7 on WhatsApp. 

Long Term Solution Scheme - After our last coaching session, we will meet one more time about 3 months later - to see how you are doing - this is free of charge - I just want to make sure, that you are where you wish to be. 

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How long are the coaching sessions, and how frequently are they recommended for optimal results in improving work-life balance?

Each coaching session is 50-60 minutes long - depending how we progress. However I recommend to take 15 minutes extra after the coaching session for yourself- for whatever you need- whether an additional reflection, walk, just being with yourself etc. 

I would suggest to meet bi-weekly at the beginning of our collaboration to be able to track your progress. 


What types of challenges related to working abroad does your coaching address, and how effective is the approach?

The coaching services are designed to address a range of challenges commonly faced by professionals working abroad. These challenges may include:

Work-Life Integration: Balancing the demands of a professional career with personal life, particularly in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Cultural Adjustment: Helping individuals navigate and adapt to new cultures, customs, and workplace dynamics.

Communication Barriers: Providing tools and techniques to overcome language and communication challenges in professional settings.

Isolation and Loneliness: Offering support on building a social and professional network in a foreign country.

Career Advancement: Providing insights and strategies for career growth and development while working in an international context. This is closely connected to Professional Development to align with career goals and aspirations, considering the unique challenges of an international work setting.

Stress Management: Developing you with coping mechanisms to deal with the stressors associated with relocation and a demanding work environment.

Family and Relationship Dynamics: Addressing challenges that may arise within personal relationships and family dynamics due to the demands of an international career.

I'm committed to our coaching 100% and in our coaching sessions we will look on how commited you are to the progress - how effective your progress will be is more question on you- are you ready to make a change in your life? 


How can your coaching services specifically benefit professionals working abroad in terms of work-life balance?

You create resources to be able to cope with challenging times, which is closely connected to stress reduction, high performance at work, and clarifying the direction you want to choose in your career. 


Are there success stories or testimonials from individuals who have successfully improved /succeed through this coaching service?

Yes. Please see: