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Work Life Harmony while living abroad

Release Stress

Regain Energy

Reach Goals   


Do you?

Do you wish?

To reach that one goal you have in your head?

To prioritise yourself, time and energy?

To be able to cope and manage?

Welcome :)

But first things first. Let's clarify what is life coaching....

No. Life coaching is not about telling you how to live your life. No life coaching is not about giving you guidance on what to do. 

Yes. Life coaching is a transformative process. Yes. Life Coaching is a transformative way to support anyone to discover strengths, flex, develop skills, and build resiliency. 

When you think of coaches, you may think of childhood little league or soccer. But adults need coaches, too. 

About Me

Hello there. My name is Barbora, am based in Co. Cork, Ireland and I empower people living abroad.

I live abroad since I was 15 years old. 

Studying and working abroad has its highs and lows. I know it myself

Therefore I help individuals to perform to a higher level in both their personal and their work lives. 

My coaching style is characterized by a non-judgmental, supportive approach, ensuring you feel heard, valued, and motivated to take inspired action. 

My ultimate goal is to empower professionals to become the best version of themselves, equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in all areas of their life

Who I work with

The short answer is that I work with diverse men and women working and living abroad,  who want to perform better but feel stuck or unsure of themselves.

I and my clients primarily focus on the area of self-awareness, self-esteem and self-management, which for example ultimately leads to the prevention of burnout, which impacts people concerning underperformance and not getting a positive balance between home and work life.

Why I Love Being A Coach

Over two years ago, when I had my first coaching session, after we finished I just felt the excitement and happiness of knowing that this is what I want to do, what brings me joy in my career life. 

My inspiration is to resource my clients, to learn how we can support ourselves in challenging situations and to grow as a human overall as I believe that we all deserve the feeling of achievement (whatever it means for you - whether it is promotion at work, higher self-confidence, improved relationships with ourselves or better quality time with our loved ones). 

Why Work with Me? 

Why is it important to choose the right coach that suits you?

From my own experience, I know the struggle of burnout, overworking and getting the life back together - I've been there. In fact over 60% of population been there at least once in their life paths. 

You are looking for some guidance that works for you and there are lots resources on the internet - but which one is the one for me? how can I be consistent?

I made the process simple for you so we can focus on the hard things.

The process of your coaching journey can be described in 4 steps. Together WE will:

1. Set goal and action plan

2. Getting to the roots  & removing the blockers

3. Implement to your reality

4. See your long-term results

How does it sound to you? 

Here's what you can do next:


Get in Touch with me

Schedule a meeting with me through Calendly here:


Discovery Call 

It is a 15-30 minutes meeting, where we will just get to know each other.


You Decide

After our meeting it will be more clear, what I can offer you and how we can collaborate together to support your goals on your journey. 

If I am not the one to support you, I will be more than happy to provide you with further recommendations

Let me ask you a question...

On the scale from 1-10, where is your work-life harmony?

What is work-life harmony, you ask?

We all heard the term work-life balance, I'm sure. It is similar to the term work-life harmony

Imagine a scale.

Now, on the left side put all the things that are connected to the work and your professional life

and on the right side put all things you do for YOU & how you re-charge from the whole day 

We do not need a balance - 50/50  

What we aim for is harmony between those two that way so there is no extreme on either side. 

If we have a good work-life harmony, we know how to resource ourselves in difficult situations. 

What does influence our work-life harmony satissfaction? 

- aka getting your 5-9 back-

When work infiltrates personal time, it leads to stress, burnout, and strained relationships. 

Which impacts mental health, productivity, and overall well-being. 

To improve it is important to set clear boundaries and to understand, how YOU recharge the best - and therefore I am the opinion, that we need to take an advantage of 5-9 after our 9-5 at work. 

I know. It can be challenging for all of us (especially since Covid) to use the ‘ME TIME’ or 'SWITCH OFF BUTTON' that splits personal and professional life. 

However to make progress in what you try to achieve, it is important to rest properly and use time wisely so you can than have more energy before, during and after work

So let me ask you one more time: On the scale from 1-10, where is your work-life harmony?

Are you happy with your response? Or do you maybe be even higher on the scale?

  - Schedule a free session with me to discover your options how we can achieve that

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"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'M POSSIBLE"

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