Which experience while living abroad would you choose? 

A life and work where:

A life and work where:

What themes are covered in coaching sessions?

Stress Management and Resilience

Identifying Stress Triggers: Together, we'll identify your unique stressors and explore effective strategies for managing them, empowering you to maintain emotional equilibrium in challenging situations. Setting healthy boundaries is crucial for maintaining work-life balance and preserving your mental and emotional health.

Cultivating Resilience: Building resilience is essential for thriving amidst adversity. Through resilience-building exercises and cognitive-behavioural techniques, we'll strengthen your capacity to bounce back from setbacks and persevere in the face of obstacles.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Action Planning: Breaking down goals into actionable steps is key to progress and success. Together, we'll create detailed action plans outlining the specific tasks, timelines, and resources needed to achieve your objectives, empowering you to make steady progress towards your goals.

Accountability Structures: Creating accountability structures enhances motivation, commitment, and follow-through. We'll explore accountability mechanisms that resonate with your preferences and personality, whether it's setting deadlines, enlisting support from a trusted accountability partner, or leveraging technology tools to track your progress, meanwhile reflecting on your experiences, insights, and learnings is integral to growth and development.

Wellbeing Habits

Lifestyle Choices: Making conscious choices to prioritise nutrition, exercise, and sleep is foundational to well-being. We'll explore simple yet impactful strategies for integrating healthy habits into your daily routine, enhancing your energy, resilience, and vitality.

We'll explore your passions, hobbies, and interests, and identify opportunities to integrate joyful pursuits into your daily life, nurturing a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Career Planning and Development

Understanding your skills, interests, values, and career preferences lays the foundation for effective career planning. 

Building and nurturing professional relationships is pivotal for career advancement. We'll develop networking strategies tailored to your goals, helping you expand your professional network, forge meaningful connections, and access hidden job markets, opening doors to exciting career prospects and collaborative opportunities.

Skill Development: Continuous skill development is essential for remaining competitive and adaptable in today's dynamic job market. We'll identify key competencies and technical skills relevant to your career goals, and design personalized learning plans that leverage online courses, workshops, certifications, and experiential learning opportunities to enhance your professional capabilities.

Performance Management: Maximizing your performance and impact in your current role is critical for positioning yourself for future opportunities. We'll develop strategies for setting performance goals, soliciting feedback, managing upwards, and demonstrating tangible results, fostering a track record of excellence and professional credibility.

Career Transitions: Navigating career transitions, whether within your organization or across industries, requires careful planning, resilience, and adaptability. We'll provide guidance and support as you navigate transitions such as job changes, relocations, promotions, career pivots, and retirement planning, helping you navigate uncertainties and seize new opportunities with confidence and clarity.

Benefits of working with me when working abroad

Work-Life Integration

Strike a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal well-being, prioritising self-care, leisure, and meaningful connections in your expat lifestyle.


Build self-confidence and resilience to overcome challenges, embrace new opportunities, and seize your full potential as an expat professional.

Direction and growth

set achievable goals that align with your career aspirations, providing you with a clear roadmap for professional advancement.

1:1 Online Power Hour

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