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The Procrastination Loop

Breakout the procrastination cycle with me

What is covered in our coaching sessions?

Relationship with time

Assessing current time management, identifying actionable steps, and uncovering potential blockers to enhance overall productivity.


Developing effective self-management strategies to navigate daily tasks, responsibilities, and challenges with resilience.


Strengthening commitment to tasks and goals, fostering a determined and focused mindset for higher performance.

Small steps to big goals

Initiating progress through small, manageable activities and systematically expanding efforts towards achieving significant, overarching goals.

Benefits of working with me on procrastination


Uncover your inner passions, set inspiring goals, and develop a toolkit of strategies to keep you consistently engaged and determined


At times, the path of self-discovery and growth can feel daunting, but with a coach by your side, you'll find a support dedicated to nurturing your self-assurance every step of the way.


The goal-setting is more than just wishful thinking; it's a strategic process that requires clarity, focus, and actionable steps. 

I'll help you identify what truly matters to you, breaking down larger objectives into manageable tasks, and maintaining unwavering motivation throughout your journey. 

1:1 Online Power Hour

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