First steps

1. Prior our coaching sessions

During your transformation

2. Setting a goal and an action plan

First things first in the coaching session, we will clarify and set an expected outcome, so we know we are on track and towards your goal

3. Current situation, getting to the roots of the stoppers and blockers

During our sessions, we will talk through your current situation. 

Then we will look at what actions we need to undertake and what's stopping you and is in your way. 

We will explore how we can remove these blockers - in the session and what needs to be done between each sessions. 

4. Bring to your reality

This is one of the most important steps as this is the reason, why we actually started working together. So you can change it, improve it, and use it in YOUR LIFE

We all have different situations in our lives - children, shifts, etc - and therefore we can only individually bring it to the practice the way it works for you. 


5.Long Term Solution Scheme

A few months after our last coaching session, we will schedule a catchup meeting - free of charge. This ensures that you are where you wish to be in your life :)

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Case study 

Case study - created for your better understanding to show the benefits and process in the coaching session

Name: Marta

Occupation: Tech Manager in Cork, Ireland

Origin: Germany

Marta felt always busy and overwhelmed with work, however she found herself drowning in procrastination. Days slipped away, leaving her feeling unproductive and anxious about her career progression. She didn't see her friends for weeks, because she was so busy at work. Fearful of deadlines, she often carried work into her personal time, feeling stuck and disappointed in herself. She felt tired, overwhelmed but also he really wanted to break this cycle and finally progress. “It’s time to finally do it and not just think about it” she said.

Our coaching sessions was a transformative journey we followed my 5 stages coaching transformation journey. Marta and I depeen our understanding of couses of her struggles, dissecting her daily routine, and unearthing the roots of her procrastination. Together, we created a plan, starting with small, achievable steps. We began with a commitment to one focused activity each day, gradually building momentum.

Imagine a life where each day brings a step closer to your goals. Picture yourself as a confident leader, influencing others with newfound methodologies. Envision a reality where personal time is cherished, and career progression is not just a dream but a tangible achievement.

After a few weeks, Marta had a better understanding of what she actually wants to do in her career and she feels more energised. Marta transformed into a more effective leader, sharing newfound methodologies with her team, particularly those related to confidence. The results were remarkable—she gained control over her life, learned to value personal time, and even embraced new hobbies like dancing.

And how do you want to continue your story?

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